By Artists For Artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is ROVE?
ROVE is series of pop-up showcases and parties. We love creating special, artist-centric nights. Our mission is to support artists, build community and, when possible, use the arts to give back. We work with creatives across several verticals of entertainment, and we tend to concentrate the most on music and comedy.

When is ROVE?
ROVE is constantly on the move. Visit our Upcoming Shows page to stay up-to-date. Subscribe to our Facebook Events so you never miss a show!

How much does ROVE cost?
Cost varies by venue. Some shows are free, others have a cover.

How do I find out what kind of music will be showcased at each show?
You can stay up to date on our upcoming shows visiting our facebook page and our  instagram


How do I submit to ROVE? 
Artists can submit to participate via The Box Presents' Submissions page.

How much can I get paid?
This varies by venue. We do our best to make sure artists receive some form of monetary compensation for each show-this is a big deal to us. Sometimes, it will be a % of the bar, sometimes it will be a % of the door you bring in, sometimes it will be a flat booking fee. We're really upfront about money and will make sure you are comfortable with the arrangement before booking you.